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„Vive la Trance“ alternates between brooding melancholy, heavy electrical storms, and impressionistic after-the-rain moments, a style Hahn and girlfriend Viola Limpet (vocals) have termed Rock’n’Roll Noir, embracing songs by Lee Hazlewood and John Cale along the way and making them completely their own. The album also features three French language originals, penned by Hahn and Gallic poet Eric LeMarechal, including the aforementioned hommage to Genet, and the serenely floating Au dessus de la ville, with a referential wink and a smile towards Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper. fillessourires.com


LES HOMMES SAUVAGES: Viola Limpet (Tumbling Hearts) - Vocals, Git. Kristof Hahn (Swans, Koolkings, Angels of Light) - Git, Vocals, Vib. Thomas Wydler (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) - Drums, Perc, Vib. Mike Strauss - Orgel Stephan Schulz - Bass Gary Schmalzl - Git. Thomas Fietz – Drums

Genre: Rock'n'Roll Noir

Info: http://www.les-hommes-sauvages.org/

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