Cuate Rum 13 — Añejo Gran Reserva

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"Cuate Rum 13" is produced in Barbados (Caribbean Sea) by the traditional distillation process from sugar cane molasses. The slow processing steps, from the preparation of the mash to the actual rum, guarantee the preservation of as many aroma and taste substances as possible. The subsequent storage in various wooden barrels ensures that the rum gains balance and develops various complex nuances. Cuate Rum 13" gets its particularly intensive and unique flavour from a final post-maturing in small barrique barrels.

Bottled in Berlin by the LQR Company.

About the LQR Company:

"With us there are no investors, no industrial partners, no hidden shareholders. There is only us and good schnapps.

We are an independent importer, bottler and producer of various spirits. Our portfolio of products has grown steadily since LQR Company GmbH was founded in 2012. In addition to importing Mexican Tequila, French Gin and Caribbean Rum, we produce our own creation, the herbal liqueur "KR/23", by hand and with much love in Berlin-Neukölln.

As far as possible, we buy directly from the producers and then organize import, logistics, bottling, labeling etc. completely independently and autonomously. Since we do not have a large marketing and sales machinery, we can calculate a really good price for the excellent quality of the products. We work every day with the conviction that not only the packaging but also the contents of each bottle must be convincing in the long term."

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