PiN2011 / streetArt-docufiction, DVD

PiN2011 / streetArt-docufiction, DVD

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The streetArtist PiN2011 takes us to the streets of Berlin and shows us his
illegal artworks of the last five years. Thereby his sculptures come alive,
the border between art and reality disappears - we experience public
space in a different way.
He dreams of making a living with his art work. But he realizes that if he
steps out of his anonymity as a streetArtist, he will lose his freedom as an
artist. He stands at the crossroads.


Handmade in Berlin

year 2009 - run time 53 min - pal 4:3

german with english subtitles

director Torsten Königs - production koenigsklub - Bea Königs

cast PiN2011 - music Knut Knutson, Hans Hackenberger

cinematography: Torsten Königs, PiN2011, Uli Wenzel, Norma Mudra, Erik W.

editing Torsten Königs


the first streetArt-docufiction of the world


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