MIA. – No Time to Lose / DVD

MIA. – No Time to Lose / DVD

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MIA. – No Time to Lose Rehearsals take place in the living room, first gigs in frosty cellars. Mieze, the singer has green hair, is full of anger and bawls her song “Skandal” into the micro. On stage she is dancing against “lazy job centres” and the “Euro/Teuro”. The lads of the band are strumming their electric guitars, simple recordings jitter in the background. The band’s rise to fame as one of the new German pop stars is taking shape. A record label called R.O.T. shows interest, the first video is shot in the streets of Berlin. Numerous concerts follow until the first big set-back – Mieze gets problems with her voice. Another time it gets seriously tricky for the band at the opening of the “Love Parade” 2003, when they performed together with a brass band. In their song “What is it” the musicians described their relationship to Germany and sparked off huge uproar among left as well as right radical groupings. Eggs were thrown on stage and helplessly babbling band members tried to justify themselves at press conferences. The film-makers accompanied the band over a period of two years, from their wild punk days to their failed qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest. A learning process that couldn’t derogate the success of MIA despite everything. It is the story of a band as well as a question if you can, or even have to remain true to yourself in the music business.

Mia. - keine zeit zu verlieren Musik/Konzertdokumentation, D 2005, 50 min.

Film von Gerd Breiter und Piet Schmelz

Co Regie: Torsten Königs,  Kamera: Gerd Breiter, Zusatzkamera: Kai Lachmann, Tom Kimmig, Piet Schmelz, Schnitt: Torsten Königs, Piet Schmelz

Ton: Peter Dunek, Telecine: Nadir Mansouri, Titeldesign: Kurz:Haug, Tonmischung: Peter Riegel

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